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What makes us unique

BitCrude’s semi-solid product is created using our Diluent Recovery Unit. (DRU). The BitCrude DRU operates without producing direct green house gas  (GHG) emissions. A BitCrude facility can be any size and located anywhere. From the outside a BitCrude facility looks no different than a warehouse building. This means no more toxic exhaust clouds billowing above the facility. The BitCrude process is not only good for the environment it is also extremely cost effective. BitCrude processing is scalable, modular and reliable.


The current industry standard is to build a large processing facility, for example a 50 000 barrel per day facility. This requires two or three years of build time before a revenue stream begins. BitCrude’s modular and scalable approach builds in increments of 1000 barrels of processing capacity per day. These units can be fabricated at a rate of 10 per month. Within one month of initial fabrication 10 000 barrels of production capacity will be fully operational. This means initial production commenced before the facility is fully operational in the 5th month.  

 Process Reliability:

 The added benefit of using a modular approach is that operational reliability is  substantially increased. HydroCarbon processing facilities, in the past, have  demonstrated  reliability issues causing production to cease  for the entire facility  while repairs are made..

 If  maintenance is needed in a BitCrude facility, only the affected module is shut  down. This means production can continue  unaffected throughout the remaining  modules.