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Environmental Responsibility

“Environmental responsibility is very important to Canadians

and at BitCrude it is our primary focus.”

“Canada's economy is driven by a strong presence in natural resource exploration. This has traditionally been hazardous to the environment, which is why at BitCrude we do things differently."

As a semi-solid product Bitcrude can be transported safely from a BitCrude facility to anywhere in the world with drastically reduced risk of environmental contamination. Diluted Bitumen and Conventional Crude Oil can spill and contaminate both soil and water; the BitCrude product, being a semi-solid does not have this problem. Our product has undergone stringent testing to back up our claims.

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At BitCrude we realized right away that a semi-solid product would be revolutionary in terms of trans-ocean transportation.

We submitted a sample of our product to aquatic LC50 Testing. This test determines a subject’s lethality towards fish. We are proud to report that BitCrude received a perfect score.

In the event of a spill the BitCrude product does not disperse in the water. Semi-solid pieces of crude oil can be retrieved with absolutely no environmental damage.


Soil contamination is a costly and environmentally devastating problem associated with the transportation of liquid crude whether it is by pipeline or rail.

The same properties of Bitcrude that make it safe to transport over the water also protects our planet’s soil. In the event of an overland spill semi solid pieces of our product can be picked up and transported without contamination of soil or run-off into moving bodies of water.