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Economic Advantage

Costs associated with the transportation of bitumen from production facilities to the consumer have a huge effect on the bottom line.

The BitCrude process provides a superior product that costs LESS to transport than the leading competitors.

How is this possible?

Find out below where we breakdown the cost.

Transportation of Diluted Bitumen (DILBIT) by pipeline comes with extra cost. The producer purchases diluent and it is shipped to them by pipeline. It is mixed with bitumen to form a diluted product, this diluted product is shipped to the refinery, the refiner extracts the diluent and finally resells the diluent back to the producer.

If a pipeline ships 800 000 barrels of diluted bitumen per day that means that only 520 000 barrels of bitumen made it to the destination; the other 280 000 barrels of capacity was used by diluent.

BitCrude ships 100% bitumen. This means we need to transport less overall product volume to get the same amount of bitumen to market.

Stay tuned! An interactive cost savings calculator coming soon.


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