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Global Access Opportunity:

 A safer crude oil

From Alberta, Canada

Alberta's Crude Oil is mostly Diluted Bitumen

The majority is exported through pipelines.

Learn more about  bitumen  watch the video:  BitCrude part 1

When Transporting Crude Oil

Goes Badly Wrong

There is a national debate in Canada regarding pipelines.

There is a North American regulatory

initiative regarding crude by rail.


Transporting Diluted Bitumen is more expensive than normal Crude

Learn more about transporting bitumen watch the video: BitCrude part 2

our story part 2.mp4

BitCrude™ has designed and build a modular Diluent Recovery Unit (DRU)

Our DRU is scalable and capacity can easily be  expanded.

Our DRU takes in Diluted Bitumen and produces Diluent and a Solid oil we call BitCrude.

1 Barrel

Diluent Recovery Unit

In a tanker, it will remain a solid

until it reaches its


In a container, it will remain a solid

until it reaches its


BitCrude can be transported differently, safer.

Only with our proprietary process solid BitCrude can be turned back into a liquid.

This enables us to load and unload BitCrude in containers and rail tankers. Once loaded it will become solid.

Bitcrude the New Safer option

Learn more about  BitCrude watch the video:

our story part 3.mp4

BitCrude is safer to transport than Diluted Bitumen.

The real questions remains: Can the BitCrude process compete with pipelines?

A Unique New Opportunity.

BitCrude is unique. It can be loaded into a rail tanker or shipping container as a liquid.

It will turn into a solid and remains solid until we choose to turn it back into a liquid.

This capability enables BitCrude to reach world markets using existing world wide infrastructure

What’s the Significance.

Bitcrude, Alberta’s Crude Oil

Can access global markets with existing worldwide infrastructure.

It’s the safest crude oil in the world.

It’s  the world’s only solid crude oil.

It’s more cost effective to transport as a solid.

Now there’s a New Safer way to transport Crude Oil

Petroleum, Transportation, Stewardship

Safe, Clean, Green

Accessing global markets

Transporting Crude Oil vs Transporting Diluted Bitumen

There is a difference:

Our story part 1.mp4 our story part 2.mp4 our story part 3.mp4